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Adler, Terri L. Managing Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-5533
Arbeitman, Glenn A. Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-5986
Ash, Danielle Associate Real Estate
(212) 692-5531
Atallah, Andrew Associate Real Estate
(212) 692-7389
Belsky, Asher Associate Real Estate
(212) 692-7344
Ben-Shimon, Elsa A. Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-5529
Brett, Kirk L. Partner Bankruptcy
(212) 692-5525
Brown, Craig L. Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-5535
Carpinello, Matthew P. Associate Real Estate
(212) 692-5524
Chew, Katherine Associate Real Estate
(212) 692-5527
Cohen, Alan S. Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-7382
Duval, Patrick W. Founding Partner Corporate
(212) 692-5555
Eckers, Randy Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-7377
Eisner, Todd R. Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-5541
Estreicher, Michael Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-7386
Feder, Max A. Associate Real Estate
(212) 692-5992
Galvano, Joseph J. Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-5543
Gardner, David Associate Real Estate
(212) 692-7394
Gorman, Christopher M. Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-5542
Hannon, Maureen Of Counsel Real Estate
(212) 692-7384
Horn, David B. Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-7380
Kramer, Robin A. Partner Land Use
Real Estate
(212) 692-5554
Kupin, Michael Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-7341
Land, Stephen B. Partner Tax
(212) 692-5991
Le, C. Kim Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-5552
Lee, Samuel S. Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-7342
Letowsky, Risa Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-5526
Leyvi, Ilya Associate Real Estate
(212) 692-7369
Menkes, Eric G. Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-5522
Miller, David Associate Real Estate
(212) 692-7365
Millett, Jessica Partner Tax
(212) 692-5988
Nichols, Andrew Associate Real Estate
(212) 692-7367
O'Connor, Thomas Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-7383
Pastore, Timothy J. Partner Litigation
(212) 692-5982
Razavilar, Pejman Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-5993
Riordan, Alexis A. Associate Real Estate
(212) 692-5521
Rothstein, Jonathan E. Associate Real Estate
(212) 692-5558 jrothstein@DSLLP.COM
Samuels, David G. Partner Litigation
Tax Exempt
(212) 692-5981
Schulman, Richard Partner Litigation
(212) 692-5995
Schwartz, Paul Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-7346
Sokoloff, Alex Associate Real Estate
(212) 692-7347
Stachenfeld, Bruce M. Chairman Real Estate
(212) 692-5550
Trott, Stacie E. Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-5983
Turtz, Beth Partner Real Estate
(212) 692-5539
Ward, Geoffrey T. Associate Tax
(212) 692-5545
Zelniker, Caroline Katz Of Counsel Real Estate
(212) 692-5549

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