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Duval & Stachenfeld LLP is proud to have one of the leading real estate practices in New York City and, indeed, nationally.

Practice Group Co-Chairs: Christopher Gorman & Kim Le


The Firm’s Real Estate Practice Group handles matters across all asset classes in virtually all U.S. jurisdictions and many non-U.S. jurisdictions.  These matters span almost every conceivable transaction structure, involve every level of the capital and debt stack, and encompass incredible degrees of complexity.  

There are very few real estate groups that have extensive expertise representing both lenders and borrowers.  Our Real Estate Practice Group is one of them.  We have deep experience at all levels of the capital and debt stack.  Prior to the Global Financial Crisis, it was acceptable for a law Firm to be a “lender Firm” or a “borrower Firm”.   However, during and following the crisis, the world has turned upside down, equity players are buying debt, loans are being restructured into equity, and everything in the real estate world is up for grabs.   In these situations, we believe that the spoils will go to the lawyers (and clients) who appreciate the current realities in the real estate marketplace and are capable of analyzing the angles, recognizing the weak and strong points and arranging for opportunistic transactions to be made and executed.  Our real estate lawyers excel in this environment.  For example, our vast experience representing borrowers, coupled with our ability to be creative lawyers who “think outside the box”, allows the Firm to craft solutions for our lending clients that protect their interests while simultaneously accommodating their borrower’s concerns.

Although there is overlap among different areas of real estate work, for ease of administration, we have organized the Real Estate Practice Group around the following practice groups:

Real Estate Groups

The Real Estate Practice Group was founded by Bruce Stachenfeld and Terri Adler and is currently chaired by Christopher Gorman and Kim Le.

Notably, Bruce and Terri were elected to The Commercial Observer’s Power 100 Reader’s Poll in 2013, pursuant to which readers voted for who were the most influential and powerful players in the New York real estate market.

Terri Adler is the Managing Partner of the firm. Terri is a veteran of countless real estate transactions. She has developed a wide range of expertise in all areas of national and international real estate practice, including acquisitions, development, dispositions, financings and subdivisions, distress situations, and workouts. Terri is considered one of the most talented and creative attorneys in her area and was recently named as one of the top 50 Women Attorneys in the New York metropolitan area. However, it is in the area of complex transactions that Terri’s experience is unparalleled, in part due to the vast number of complicated and time-sensitive deals that Terri has handled for leading real estate funds.

Bruce Stachenfeld is one of the nation’s preeminent real estate attorneys, and has nearly 30 years of sophisticated legal practice, including experience during the various downturns. Bruce’s reputation includes tenacious representation of his clients, brilliant and creative thinking, and deeply caring for his clients’ welfare and success. Bruce has evolved into an attorney who is “connected” to many of the major players in the real estate world (including not only clients, but adversary attorneys as well). These contacts enable him to provide critical assistance to his clients in many ways. This is everything from finding the “money” or the right “operating partner” to reaching across the table to finding common ground with adversaries with whom he has cultivated friendly relationships. Finally, Bruce is a thought leader in both the law world and the real estate world; as an “amateur real estate philosopher,” he is able to provide invaluable insights to his clients in his core passion of helping his clients “build their businesses”.

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