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Emerging Developers

Our vaunted real estate practice has represented clients in millions of square feet of complex development in New York City and the environs.

We have developed a practice designed to provide dramatic and unique assistance to a small-to-mid-sized real estate developers/sponsors (collectively, “Emerging Developers”) working their way up in the competitive New York Metropolitan Area real estate industry.  Here is how it works:

High-Quality Real Estate Legal Work

Of course, we provide this.  Our vaunted real estate practice has represented clients in millions of square feet of complex development in New York City and the environs.  This has included everything from simple matters to complex assemblages, repurposings and repositionings of buildings, vertical subdivisions, ground leases, condominiums, and multifamily development, and much more.  As the remainder of our website makes plain, we also have expertise in all other relevant areas, including tax and litigation.

Introductions to Sources of Capital

In a nutshell, we curate sources of real estate capital.  These range from small family offices to sovereign wealth funds and include everything in between.  At last count, there were close to 250 of these parties as clients, relationships, and friends of the firm.  We routinely connect our developer clients with these sources of debt, equity, and bespoke capital.  We do this all on a principal-to-principal basis, without charging brokerage or similar fees.  Close to $4B of off-market transactions have resulted from this initiative.

Introductions to Other Experts

We make it our business to know as close to ‘everyone’ as possible.  This includes everything from specialty law firms and service providers, parties with expertise in governmental incentives, lobbying, and much more.  Indeed, it would be hard to find any real estate party relevant to New York City development that we do not have multiple connections to.  We routinely make these introductions for our clients.

Joint Ventures and Platforms 

This is one of the most tricky, difficult, and dangerous areas for Emerging Developers; indeed, almost all seasoned developers and sponsors have a ‘war story’ about how they were tripped up by a partner or an investor.  Well, that kind of thing doesn’t happen to our clients.  These areas – joint ventures and platforms and similar corporate real estate transactions – is our crown jewel practice.  No law firm can protect an Emerging Developer from stepping into trouble here better than our firm.

Specialty Practices

As The Pure Play in Real Estate Law, we don’t just “do real estate law;” we also add in critical specialty practices often not found at other law firms.  As of today, this includes:

  • Climate Mobilization Act
  • Construction Law
  • EB-5 Financings, Including Especially Troubled Ones
  • Flexible Occupancy, including co-working and similar occupancy structures
  • Governmental Incentives
  • Hotels, whether healthy or distressed, existing or in development
  • Impact Investing to Supercharge Development Economics
  • Land Use and Zoning
  • Leasing, Especially Retail, Co-Working, and Specialty Niches
  • Lobbying for Real Estate
  • Opportunity Zones  
  • PACE Financings, Including Creative PACE structures
  •  Parking, Including Garages and Related Matters
  • Repurposing Real Estate
  • Residential Transactions, Limited to Super High-End Luxury
  • Tax, Especially Real Estate Related, including 1031, FIRPTA, Partnership
  • Tax-Exempt Real Estate
  • Tax Certiorari
Power Niche and Marketing Assistance

Many developers have great talent but have trouble packaging it in a manner where third party investors and other teammates can fully recognize and assess the value.  Our in-house marketing maven, Bruce Stachenfeld, has excellent expertise here.  Indeed, his book, If You Want to Get Rich, Build a Power Niche, treats exactly this subject.  On numerous occasions, Bruce, with just the right words, has transformed how a real estate party can convey itself optimally to the outside world.

Flexible Billing Arrangements

Yes, we know that an Emerging Developer is not eager to part with precious cash to pay lawyers except at appropriate points in the development process.  We have developed flexible and creative billing arrangements to address these situations, which are designed to delight our Emerging Developer clients

Intellectual Capital to Create Value

Finally, we have our Real Estate Philosopher, i.e., our Chairman, Bruce Stachenfeld.  Bruce is a firm believer that “finding deals” is now an archaic manner of doing business.  Instead, his view is that the economic upside and long-term outperformance will go to those real estate players with imagination and creativity, who can “create” deals.  And what better place to find those parties than as Emerging Developers. 

All of the foregoing sits eloquently within our core mission:

                To Help Our Clients Grow Their Businesses

If you are an Emerging Developer, we would love to speak to you about how our special program could be of great use to you.

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