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Money Matters:  One of our values says that money matters.  We don’t shy away from this and pretend it is not true.  We all love what we do but at the same time we all have a profit motive.  And the Firm is run very intentionally to generate high salaries for all employees and high profits for our partners.  Certainly, we cannot attract highly-talented people to the Firm, then underpay those persons, and expect any other result than that those people will leave us.  With the degree of talent we have, we have to be economically successful.

Low Overhead is Great:  Our low overhead is a huge competitive advantage.  It is one of our secret formulas for success.  Our rallying cry:  “Low Overhead is Great” is simple but strong.  

We use this competitive advantage to benefit everyone:

Our lawyers and administrative personnel get paid very well 
Our clients enjoy lower billing rates
We are able to be profitable in all markets 
Our partners enjoy higher profits 

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Long-term lease with room to expand:  Our lease term will not expire until 2026.  Most importantly, it gives us room to expand and grow without materially increasing our low overhead. 

Competitive and flexible billing arrangements:  Our billing rates are generally set to be about 75% to 80% of our major law firm competition.  In addition, we can be quite flexible and creative in our billing arrangements should clients find this beneficial.  This means that one of the issues of concern at major law firms (high billing rates) is not a significant problem for us.  Instead, due to our low overhead (noted above), we are able to have a pricing advantage over our competition.   

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