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In General:  Our culture (including our values and our website) is delineated throughout this website.  We are a very different place than any other law firm.  Probably it is most important for lateral partners to realize that, yes, we really are very serious about this – it is not just marketing fluff, but the essence of how we do business.  These values are what make us “us” (so to speak).  

Partners Treated as Owners:  We are a true partnership, where all partners are treated as owners (rather than as employees) - with a seat at the table. 

Transparent management:  Our management style is extremely transparent.  Our partners know just about everything.  This is one of our values – that information be freely disseminated.  Other than personal information about particular partners or employees, there really are no secrets.

Participatory management:  If anything, we are criticized for taking others’ views into account “too much”; which can slow down decision-making; however, this is how we do business.  We can’t have it both ways – partners cannot feel like owners if they cannot participate in decision-making.

Firm decisions are not dictated by Profits Per Partner:  We have put in place our Profits Per Partner Emancipation Plan, which means we simply do not run the firm around slavish devotion to this metric.  Most obviously, we do not artificially restrict the number of equity partners to enhance our PPP number (or, conversely, fire or de-equitize partners simply to enhances this metric).  

We live by our values, including doing the right thing even when it hurts:  One of our values is that we should “do the right thing even when it hurts”.  In fact, we typically can identify the right thing just “because” it hurts.  When faced with a difficult decision, instead of agonizing over it, we just figure out what is right and do that – easy!  

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