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The Pure Play in real estate law®

We realized that we had built one of the leading real estate law practices in the world and we modified our goal to become The Pure Play in Real Estate Law®.

At the time of the Firm's inception in October 1997, our goal was to build a law firm that would be widely regarded as one of the premier law firms in the United States, with the ability to deliver exceptional legal services across a broad range of practice areas. After 15 years, we realized (in early 2013) that we had built one of the leading real estate law practices in the World and we modified our goal to become the Pure Play in Real Estate Law®.

This means that our first and primary goal is to focus our business model around our strongest practice; namely, real estate. We therefore have indeed focused all of the Firm’s practice areas around real estate. In this regard our litigation department has one of its primary focuses on real estate litigation – our corporate department has one of its primary focuses on corporate real estate – our not-for-profit practice has a primary focus on real estate matters for its clients – and so on.

Our pure play in real estate plan also permits us to acquire and build practices in disciplines that are related to real estate, or which complement real estate, such as, by way of example, real estate fund formation, land use, infrastructure, construction litigation, and public REIT’s.

In the end, we expect our real estate pure play will be able to provide high quality service to all mission critical aspects of a real estate institution, developer, investor or other significant real estate player anywhere in the world and in any type of transaction.

We have no plans to become competitive with the preeminent Wall Street law firms in the M&A arena; however, in real estate we share the highest echelon with only a few competitors.

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