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Our Value Proposition

We have a compelling value proposition for our clients

  • Quality - We will provide you with the highest quality legal services – in one of the largest and most diverse real estate groups in New York City.

  • Low Overhead - Due to our low overhead, we can do this at a lower cost than our competition.  This is an economic competitive advantage.  Read More>

  • Build Clients’ Business - We will – without charge – make it our mission to help you build your business.  This means, on the transactional side, that we make critical connections, think of critical insights, and truly add value to our clients in their most critical goal; namely, being successful in the business world.  Many law firms claim to do this and claim that they “partner with their clients”, but unlike other law firms, we do not just pay lip-service to this; instead, we go all-out to achieve this goal.  Read More>

  • Protect Interests - We also will make it our mission to protect your business, and in the unlikely event you are threatened with, or faced with, litigation, we will aggressively protect your interests.

  • Hedgehog Principle - Our hedgehog principle will mean we will care deeply about you – you will be hugely important to us.  Read More>

  • WOW’ing Clients - We will do everything possible to not only “satisfy” but to “WOW” you at every possible opportunity.  Read More>

  • Our Style - We will build a long-term relationship with you and no matter how many years you are our client we will never take you for granted and we will never ever let you down.  Read More>

  • Embracing Volatility - Our newest motto “Embrace Volatility” is designed to push ourselves – both individually and as a law firm -- to live within, and indeed below, our means, so that when times go poorly we are in a position to take advantage of opportunities.  Read More>

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