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Our negotiation style is tailored to the client and the matter at hand. However, our default style is to create a positive experience for the client parties on all sides of the transaction.

All of our clients want not only the deal they are pursuing, but, in addition, good relationships with their counterparties so that future business can be transacted.  Our clients look to their counsel to be not a weapon with which to bludgeon the other side, but instead to be a positive and friendly emissary that mirrors the client’s desired image.  With that in mind, as the client and the situation may dictate, we can be as tough as is necessary under the circumstances of any given transaction.

With litigation it is different – we need to be aggressive with a third party that is adversely affecting our client’s rights, and we cannot allow these parties to get away with it.  We are called in to be tough and aggressive – no two ways about it.  However, there is a “right time” to settle, and we are skilled at knowing when this time comes up.   

In the foregoing regard, we are not ego-driven people.  We are confident that we are smart, experienced, and talented.  We have no need to prove to the other side in any deal that we are “better” or “smarter”.  We recognize that our goal should not be to show-off or embarrass the other side, but instead to help our clients achieve their business goals and to further their business relationships.

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