The Family Office Real Estate Advantage Network™

D&S has launched a new real estate introduction and referral network for family offices, family-run businesses, and other quasi-family office arrangements seeking greater access to real estate investments.  This network, which is called The Family Office Real Estate Advantage Network™, launched through Duval & Stachenfeld’s Real Estate Practice Group and NextGen Practice Group, has been designed for families interested in sourcing or making real estate investments.  Our goal is to create opportunities by providing greater access to the real estate world through introductions to the extensive real estate relationships of D&S. 

Starting about eight years ago, we expanded our core mission – which is “to help clients grow their businesses” - by providing our clients with access to real estate investment opportunities through referrals and introductions to other parties in the real estate community.  This started slowly, but has picked up speed dramatically in the past few years.  At this point we have an enormous client and relationship base, which includes over 300 real estate clients and well over 1,000 real estate relationships. 

As we have worked to connect these parties, transactions have started to result, and at this point our network has surpassed $2B of deals in just the past three years.  All of these are off-market transactions.  We do not charge a fee for this (direct or indirect).  We do it solely to help our clients and our clients appreciate it greatly; indeed, it is one of the reasons for our great success.

Over the past year or so, we have seen a significant increase in requests by our clients for introductions to families.  This is because many high-quality operators, developers, purchasers and owners of real estate are often seeking investors with more flexible or patient capital than investment funds and other institutions that require short-term investment periods or other fund-specific parameters.  Accordingly, our network of real estate operators, developers, purchasers and owners will provide opportunities for families seeking access to real estate investments.

The Family Office Real Estate Advantage Network team includes Bruce M. Stachenfeld and Patrick W. Duval, founding partners of D&S.  The network will be managed by Bruce and Pat.

We find the most effective introductions and referrals are targeted to specific goals.  And, the best way to ensure introductions are targeted is for us to meet with you in person to discuss your investment criteria and objectives.  Of course, an introductory call can also work, but in-person meetings are unquestionably far more effective.  We are located in New York City and we would be happy to meet with you or your representatives.

If you would like to learn more about The Family Office Real Estate Advantage Network, then please reach out directly to Ms. Caitlin Velez who is coordinating this initiative at D&S.  Ms. Velez can be reached at (212) 672-3747 and  Of course, confidentiality is of paramount importance, and therefore, information about any family that joins The Family Office Real Estate Advantage Network will not be shared with anyone unless authorized. 

General Highlights of Duval & Stachenfeld LLP:

  • 50+ full-time real estate lawyers (this makes D&S one of the largest (if not the largest) real estate practices in NYC).

  • A client base that is largely institutional in nature and includes, by way of example: Angelo, Gordon & Co.; C-III Asset Management; Cantor Commercial Real Estate; Caribbean Property Group; DeBartolo Mainstreet Capital Partners; Island Capital Group; New York Life Insurance Company; NorthStar Realty Finance; RXR Realty; Safra Bank; Square Mile Capital; and Toll Brothers.

  • All of D&S’s practice areas are geared towards real estate – D&S is known as “The Pure Play in Real Estate Law”.  In addition to the Real Estate Practice Group, all other D&S practices – Tax, Corporate, Not-for-Profit, Litigation, Land Use and Zoning, Environmental, etc. – all have real estate as a key focus of the practice.

  • Partners at D&S are well known for their expertise in joint ventures and indeed this is an area in which D&S is truly among the best of the best – it is one of D&S’s sweet spots.  Over the past 18 years D&S has worked on close to 3,000 different transactions (no exaggeration) in the Real Estate Practice Group, almost all of which took place in a co-venture structure.  Of course not all of these closed, but most had structuring issues and complex negotiations, and many had very intricate, lengthy and tricky documentation.

  • D&S has been involved in hundreds of significant and major distressed transactions – including everything from recapitalizing and restructuring properties, to buying distressed debt at all levels of the capital stack, workouts, restructurings, litigations (often among creditors – e.g. tranche warfare, put-back/take-back cases), recapitalizations, etc.

  • D&S has handled many high profile acquisition and development transactions in NYC and nationwide, including, for example, in NYC: The Carlton House; Chelsea Market; Industry City; 375 Pearl Street; 100 Varick Street; and NorthStar’s acquisition of interest in RXR’s NYC portfolio; and outside NYC: Toll Brothers development transactions in Jersey City and Washington, D.C.; and acquisitions and redevelopment of Montgomery Ward buildings in Chicago in both bankruptcy proceedings. 

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