Reinventing the Law Business®

We are reinventing the law business! Is this a ridiculous statement that we are really reinventing the practice of law? We don't think so.

We are very respectful of our competition, and we do not believe that the practice of law is necessarily “broken”; however, we do think it could be dramatically improved for the benefit of both lawyers and clients. 

Some of our competition is extremely well run; however, for some of our competition:

  • They are trapped in a fruitless quest for Profits Per Partner rankings in the American Lawyer, which is harming their cultures
  • They are stuck with very high overhead that forces painful pricing on their clients
  • They seek to be all things to all people and, accordingly, have a complete smorgasbord of practice areas but they do not necessarily focus on unifying their partners into an integrated team; instead, there are so-called “silo” practices
  • They view their only useful assets – their people – as employees who may come and go. rather than having management thinking that their main job is to enhance the careers of their lawyers 
We simply aren’t doing things this way. Instead, we:
  • Pick practice areas where we can be the absolute best – better than our competition
  • Work to attract the best lawyers in the world to these practice areas
  • Have management strongly back the growth of these practice areas
  • Set up our economics so that all attorneys are eager to service all clients
  • Recognize that “satisfying” a client is effectively useless – and instead put our mission full throttle behind oversatisfying – and, indeed, WOW’ing – our clients consistently 
  • Make it our goal to not only do good legal work for our clients, but delve deeply into their businesses and make it our mission to assist them in growing and protecting their businesses 
  • Follow our values scrupulously and seek only lawyers and clients who are inspired by them
  • Create a culture that is completely unique and different and which inspires our lawyers and our clients
  • Use our hedgehog principle to cement and grow the relationships we have with our clients, attorneys and staff – and never let these people down 
  • Have a great time doing what we are doing and indeed thrive in a market where many of our competitors are struggling 
We think all of this is reinventing how law should be practiced and we think we are just getting started.  

Notably, our managing partner, Bruce Stachenfeld, writes a column for entitled Reinventing the Law Business.  
For links to his articles, please click here.

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